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COVID-19 Travel Update
Last updated: 1st March 2021


We are committed to continuing to offer only trusted partners to our schools and groups with safety in mind. Working closely with our suppliers moving forward we aim to:


Ensure all components of your school or group ski trip meet COVID-19 safety regulations and comply with the Australian Government guidelines.

Establish COVID-19 safety plans with each transportation company and accommodation for industry standard checks.

Ensure additional cleaning, hygiene checks and social distancing on all sites.

Provide all schools and groups with up to date information regarding their trip.

Provide flexibility with payment deadlines (subject to supplier conditions).

Sno'n'Ski Group Holidays'
COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

Up To 100% COVID Credit

Cancel^1 within 21 days^2 prior to departure & receive up to 100% credit on the land portion of your booking less any supplier costs^3


COVID Refund Options

Cancel^1 within 21 days^2 prior to departure and receive a refund less a $200 per person cancellation fee less any supplier costs^3


Supplier COVID-19 Cancellation polices will be advised by your ski expert. 


^1 Acceptable reasons to cancel due to COVID-19 within 21 days of departure

a. The point of origin or destination is classed as a COVID-19 Hotspot

b. Government imposed mandatory quarantine requirement at either origin or destination.  


^2 Cancellations outside of 21 Days will revert to Sno’n’Ski’s standard terms and conditions.


^3 Supplier costs can include any applicable non-refundable, non-credit components and administration fees charged by each provider. 

Payment Deadlines

Payment is required as per the payment schedule.  If for any reason your balance is not received by Sno’n’Ski by the due date, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled and to apply the applicable cancellation charges.  Increased costs or fees may apply to late payments depending on supplier conditions. If a payment is not paid on time, it will void our COVID-19 Cancellation Policy. Payment dates are subject to change without notice as required by suppliers.

It is the responsibility of the school ski trip co-ordinator to ensure all travellers are aware of the above conditions and policy.

Safe Travel

Sno'n'Ski Group Holidays is authorised to display the Global Safety Stamp recognising the adherence to the World Travel and Tourism Council Safe Travel Protocols. 

We would like to thank those who have booked their 2021 and 2022 tours and encourage those yet to book, to contact us, to start planning and avoid disappointment. We hope that 2021 brings more positive and exciting travel experiences for everyone.

Ski The Remarkables, Queenstown, New Zealand

Stay up to date with health and travel guidelines through the below government resources:

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