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Meet Simon...

An avid snowboarder, Simon has been to over 70 different ski resorts, across 7 countries! 

As a Group Ski Specialist, Simon guided a school ski group on a trip to Perisher. We asked Simon to document his experiences, and share his tips and tricks for skiing in Perisher! 

Perisher Trip Itinerary




Our group met in Sydney where we boarded our overnight coach transfer to Jindabyne.

With the group eager to leave we headed off, with snow on our minds! 




Arriving early to Snowy Valley in Jindabyne, we unpacked from the coach and settled into our new digs. Snowy Valley is a great option for groups traveling to Perisher as this is where we were fitted for our ski equipment.


After collecting our ski equipment, we headed to Perisher on our prearranged mountain transfer. Ready and waiting was our ski instructor who taught us the basics of skiing. The energy was electric as our group was taught the fundamentals of "Pizza and French Fries".


After a hot lunch at Snowy Gums on the mountain, we tested our new skills and were free to explore at our leisure.


In the afternoon we were greeted by our driver and returned back to our hotel. Everyone shared their first-day stories over dinner, before settling in for an early night.




Waking up to a crisp bluebird day, we were excited to see what the day would bring. After meeting up for breakfast, our group was picked up by our bus driver for another day on the slopes.


We met up with our ski instructor at Smiggins Hole, to help us progress our new skills. After our prearranged three-hour lesson, we met up with the remainder of our group for lunch at Snowy Gums. Once our bellies were full, we spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring trails that we hadn't touched the previous day. Being more confident on skis, the group was able to experience more challenging terrain that had them testing their newfound skills. 




We were all excited to wake up to a fresh dusting of snow on our last day at Perisher. We made our way to Smiggins for our last ski lesson. This gave us the opportunity to refine our new skills before we skied Perisher one last time.


The conditions were perfect as we zipped through trees and aced our turns on the well-maintained groomers. The whole group met up for one last lunch at Snowy Gums, then split up and spent the rest of the afternoon on the mountain.


Catching the mountain transfer back to the hotel in the afternoon, we returned our equipment hire and gathered our belongings before leaving Jindabyne.


As the sun began to set, we made our way back onto our overnight coach transfer and settled in for the night, making our way back to Sydney. 

Image Credit: Perisher

Buy Gear

Packing a Bag

What to Pack for a group ski holiday

Image by Rhema Kallianpur

Where to Stay: Snowy Valley

Image by Chad Montano

Where to Eat: Tracie's Café, Jindabyne

Image Credit: Perisher

Ski Lessons: Meet for lessons at Smiggins Hole

Image Credit: Perisher

The best runs for groups: Smiggins Hole, Blue Cow & Guthega

Perisher Vlog

Check out Simon's vlog on his time spent at Perisher, from the time he left sunny Queensland to touching down on the slopes of Perisher! 

Simon Says..

When traveling to Perisher my tip would be to check the weather and snow reports before leaving for the mountain each day. It’s a great insight into mountain conditions, which runs are open and groomed, and if there is any new snowfall. Temperatures on the mountain can change daily depending on new snow, winds, and bluebird days, so you might have to pack a few more layers.


Want to beat the crowds? Forget the Front Valley. This is the central meeting hub of Perisher and can get busy over peak dates. Try starting off at Smiggins Hole and make your way to the backside of the resort, to Blue Cow or Guthega. Here you can escape the crowds and find some amazing snow.


My number one rule for any ski trip is to plan ahead. Make sure to have a plan for the day. This can include areas you want to explore on the mountain and knowing which chairs/lift you need to access to get there. If it is your first time to a resort or mountain, I recommend highlighting important locations such as Ski Patrol Huts, bathroom amenities, and service hubs. If you’re a part of a group, it’s always a good idea to have a planned meeting point so you can re-group and continue to ride together.

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