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What Do I Pack for a Group Ski Trip?

Sno’n’Ski Group Holidays have been sending school groups, corporate groups, and university groups to skiing destinations worldwide for over 20 years, so we know a thing or two about packing! Packing for a group ski trip requires careful planning, especially if a snowy climate and cold temperatures are not what you are used to. When planning for a group ski trip, it is a good idea to categorise all the different elements of gear you require so as not to miss out on the essentials.


Check with your ski trip coordinator and group ski itinerary to see the inclusions within your group ski package (equipment and clothing hire). Remember that you only have limited luggage capacity, generally a standard piece of luggage weighing up to 23kgs is your limit. If you plan to bring your own snowboard, we suggest packing all your luggage into the snowboard bag. Additional bags come at an additional cost by the airlines.

Upper Half

Whilst strengthening friendships and developing ski skills on your trip, you will also become best friends with...layers. Layers are paramount for colder weather to keep the heat in and moisture out. Wearing a thermal long or short sleeved layer that hugs your body, we suggest synthetics, in addition to a mid-layer vest and jumper, will ensure you stay warm. Over this, a wind and waterproof ski jacket is essential. You’ll find many hidden pockets (yes it has pockets!) in your jacket that come in handy for lip balm, lift passes and lunch money. Did we say lip balm for a skiing trip? That’s right! Exposure to the sun is increased at a higher altitude, therefore sunscreen and lip balm are essential.

Lower Half

Now onto your bottom half. Once again, a thermal layer underneath your ski pants is important to stay warm, sports leggings work wonders. Ski socks need to be dual-layered to keep you warm, tall enough to go above your ski or snowboard boots (knee length preferable) and not ribbed to avoid circulation damage. Purchasing socks that are thin through the foot and padded in the calf area will provide support and comfort on the slopes. Avoid cotton and school sports socks (soccer/ rugby) - you’ll thank us later!


Ski gloves, neck warmers and goggles are not to be forgotten. Ski gloves, like your parka and pants, need to be wind and waterproof to keep you toasty. Goggles should provide you with great vision whilst protecting your eyes from the sun. Remember that goggles need to fit over your helmet, therefore purchase a pair with an adjustable strap. Neck warmers are optional, but highly recommended for those of you who feel the cold.


If you are unsure of where you can find ski gear, we recommend a quick google search to find ski shops in your local area. Going somewhere local means you can try the gear on, it also means that you can have expert help while deciding what you need. If you’re located in Brisbane, you can check out the following locations:

● Snow Central, Keppera -

● Snowbiz, Brisbane CBD -

Casual Clothing

Now that you’re set for skiing and snowboarding, think about your evenings and activity days. You want to stay warm, therefore layers are a great way to pack for all climate types. A pair of jeans and warm socks, as well as hoodies are always a great starting point. Closed in shoes that you can walk in easily are highly recommended, the snow can be slippery, so a rubber sole is a safe option.

Recommended Packing List

Sno’n’Ski Group Holidays are here to help you every step of the way and have developed a recommended packing list to ensure no gloves are left behind. Click the button below for our packing list covering all components recommended for your ski trip.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us and a friendly Groups Ski Specialist will assist you.

Packing List
Download • 860KB


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