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Why a School Ski Trip is more than just a holiday

A school ski trip offers lifelong memories and fun for school students and teaches them valuable life lessons. We are talking real world experience that will inspire and help school students become more worldly individuals and critical thinkers.

Travelling with their peers and pushing students out of their comfort zone will strengthen friendships and build confidence. Often students make new friends, which is certainly at the top of the list of perks when participating on a ski trip. The outside of the classroom dynamic provides a community, facilitating respectful relationships and communication to blossom with peers and leaders. This dynamic improves the behavior and social skills of students upon return to everyday school life.

Learning to ski or snowboard itself teaches resilience whilst growing confidence and self-esteem and proves exercise is an enjoyable activity. Through adapting to new environments without parents by their side, school students can experience individuality and stronger independence.

International ski trips pose an even greater educational opportunity for school groups through diverse culture, history, cuisine, and languages. Why not incorporate even further curriculum linked activities into your ski trip to maximise your time? Through these trips, students can engage with different nations and understand different cultures firsthand.

Teachers also have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a non-formal setting whilst building stronger interpersonal relationships with their students. As a result, communication and trust in the classroom setting increases. Additionally, a school that offers educational trips to school students is far more likely to be desirable to new school students than its competition.

There are countless educational opportunities for school students to engage in and at Sno’n’Ski Group Holidays, we pride ourselves on leading the next generation to success. We have been planning, developing, and coordinating both ski and educational packages for school groups for over 26 years and pride ourselves on our knowledge, professionalism, focus on safety and competitive pricing.

Get in touch now to discuss how we can assist your school in achieving its full potential through an educational school ski trip.


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